Andri Antoniou

My name is Andri Antoniou, a graduate of the undergraduate and postgraduate program of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

My love for children led me to do my internship as a teacher at the primary school "Rosa Park Schule" in Berlin. There I had the opportunity, through excursions in nature and various experiential activities, to witness the joy of children who empirically learn by exploring environments outside the conventional classroom. 

Now I am working as an external collaborator in secondary education. More specifically I am supporting a group of students through various pedagogical interventions to find an inner motivation and integrate more easily into their social environment. 

Furthermore, I teach art classes in primary and secondary education. I have also attended the "Level 1 Danish Forest & Nature School" program since I am extremely interested in working with children combining art, nature activities and environmental awareness.

I like working in the forest school because here knowledge can be passed on in a creative manner through experiential activities, games and actions that perfectly align with the children's age needs.

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